What to expect

Everything you need to know to prepare for your upcoming MRI

You can continue your normal routine, including eating, drinking, and taking prescribed medications, unless instructed otherwise.

Wear loose-fitting cotton or other natural fiber clothing that is free of metal. For example, wear joggers instead of jeans, or sports bras without metal wires.

Should you suffer from claustrophobia or experience pain when lying on your back, you may choose to take appropriate pain or relaxation medication before the scan, as we do not offer on-site sedation.

If you have any relevant medical records or previous imaging results related to your current condition, please bring them with you to the appointment.

Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. This will give you time to check in and fill out necessary paperwork.

We offer a variety of refreshments in our waiting area for your comfort and convenience.

Please inform us if you are running late or need to adjust the appointment.

Note: Patients who arrive more than 10 minutes late may need to be rescheduled to a later time slot or date.

It's important to inform us before booking your exam, if any of the following apply to:
  • You have a medical device such as a pacemaker, cochlear implants, neurostimulators

  • You have metal implants, such as joint replacements, plates, screws, or pins

  • You have vessel coils, filters, stents, or clips

  • You have metallic foreign objects in your body, such as shrapnel or bullet fragments

  • You have a body piercing

  • You have tattoos or permanent makeup

  • You are pregnant or think you might be pregnant

  • You are claustrophobic

  • You are unable to lie down for more than 30 minutes

A radiology technologist, who is a certified healthcare professional with specialized training in MRI technology, will perform your MRI scan. They'll discuss your particular needs and tailor the scan accordingly.

Before entering the exam room, it's essential to remove all metal objects, including items from your pockets and anything you may be wearing such as:

  • Jewelry
  • Clothing with zippers or buckles
  • Bras with underwire or metal clasps
  • Hair accessories
  • Eyewear/hearing aids/dentures

Note: Because the MRI machine uses very strong magnets, metal objects are strictly prohibited in the exam room.

If you arrive wearing clothing with any metal components such as buttons, zippers, or rivets, you may be asked to change into a hospital gown.

We provide lockers for you to safely store your clothing and personal items while you undergo the scan.

During the scan, you will lie on a table that slides gently into the machine.

A device, known as a 'coil', will be placed over or around the area of your body that's being scanned.

Once inside the machine, it's very important that you stay as still as possible as movement can degrade the images.

The machine will make loud clicking and knocking noises - this is normal and part of the process.

We provide noise-canceling headphones, and a selection of music to listen to, for a more relaxed experience.

You may feel slightly warm in the area of your body that is being scanned.

Note: If you feel uncomfortable or claustrophobic, let the technologist know, as they can take steps to help you feel more at ease.

The scanning process can take between 15 - 90 minutes, depending on what part of your body is being examined. The technologist will be able to see you, and speak to you throughout the entire procedure.

Note: Should you experience any discomfort or decide that you'd like to pause or cancel the scan, you will be able to communicate this easily and the process will be immediately adjusted accordingly.

Once the scan is finished, you're free to return to your regular activities, including driving yourself home, as long as you haven't taken any sedatives or pain medications. If these medications were used, you'll need to arrange for someone else to accompany you.

Once the scan is complete, the images are sent to a radiologist, who is a specialized medical doctor with expertise in reading and interpreting medical imaging. The radiologist will analyze the data and send you a detailed report of your scan results within 24 hours.

Additional information

Children and scanning procedures

We recommend our scanning services for children aged 12 and above. While MRI procedures are safe for all children, the clarity of the images largely depends on the child's ability to remain still during the entire scan.

For children under the age of 12 whom a parent believes can stay still, we are happy to conduct the scan. However, please note that if the images are blurry due to movement, we will not perform a rescan. The accuracy and readability of the MRI results rely on the child's ability to remain motionless during the procedure.

Note: We do not offer sedation at our facility.

Having someone by your side

You're welcome to bring a friend or family member with you during your scan. Please note that they will undergo the same screening process as the patients to ensure safety for all. Following the screening, they can accompany you in the room for added comfort and support.

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Do you have questions or need more information?

We're here to help! Reach out with your questions, and we'll be happy to provide you with all the information you need, so you can move forward confidently.